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CRM (Customer Relationship Management).  This is a management strategy for concisely controlling a company’s interactions with customer and sales prospects. Even some of the best programs that concern themselves with production, staffing, and physical inventories do not address the essential issue of the inventory of customers. Throughout Fusion™, CRM abounds.

Commencing with the initial contact with your customer where they may become a prospect, to the thank you letter being generated, or after completing any step of business,  Fusion™ will significantly augment your organization’s customer handling. The technology within Fusion™ synchronizes the business processes, activities for sales, as well as those for marketing and customer service.

From whom you need to have your sales and customer service staff call for current sales opportunities, to how well you are performing with our user defined evaluations, Fusion™ will keep you in close contact with your customers. Synergy International is a partner with Constant Contact®, and from Fusion™ , you can export to all or part of your prospects and customers in a very defined format getting information to those you want to entice.

This type of flexible, fast, and consistent quality monitoring drives improvements in all facets of the sales and marketing efforts for your firm. In addition to the all-important customer retention, proper CRM can help you target new markets, review previous campaign successes, and channel new sales.