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Empower “Reimagined” an HTML 5 Web-Based Version

The next-gen product from Elecate, is completely browser-based using the same Microsoft Azure cloud as our core product Empower which has been on the market for almost a decade now. Empower is a cloud product with a rich Windows user interface. It is seamlessly integrated into our “myfusionportal.com” and Android and iPhone mobile products via our FusionAPI. This design allows everything to be portable across the company’s product lines.

This next-gen Catering, Party, Event, and Tent Rental product works in harmony with the user’s current version of Fusion on a Mac, an iPad, smartphone, a tablet, and of course Windows PC. This new browser-based version of Fusion encompasses the same rich features and functionality we have offered for three decades now.

Order entry, inventory management, event production, scheduling, automated accounting, and job costing are all core components of Empower. Integrated data analytics tools allow you to better understand usage and future purchasing.

Extending the application to your customers with our click-through confirmations, e-signatures, customer portal, online ordering, and mobile applications makes our Empower product sticky and provides tools for your customers to do their job easier.

Released Q3 2022!


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