Fusion Enterprise, Fusion POS, Fusion Rental & Fusion Staffing

Our Enterprise product manages your business process.

Fusion™ Enterprise is our most popular package bundle for caterers and food service management companies.

  • This ONE package includes most of our desktop solutions. Employing this command control tool enables you to meet your profitability goals.
  • We provide full pre-costing, comprehensive sales, P/L analysis, recipe, beverage inventory, full equipment rental, delivery logistics, staffing management and performance, all integrated with web, and mobile applications.
  • Fusion™ also allows you to financially analyze recipes, ingredients, inventory control, purchasing and production, and to perform menu management.
  • At Synergy International we are a well-known professional catering software provider, offering beneficial online hospitality and staff scheduling software that will track and manage all your rental business easily.

Fusion Rental

A Party and Tent Rental Solution with Decades of Experience

Fusion Rental is the ideal solutions for all your party rental, tents or events management company.

  • Keep in constant communication with your customers using our click-through contracts, eSignatures, web integration, and cutting-edge wireless mobility.
  • Tracking your rental assets, labor, delivery, dispatching, and most importantly your event profitability is all managed by the order entry process.
  • Our powerful dispatching and scheduling features make deliveries and equipment pick-up trouble-free with mobile and web features.
  • Rent tables, chairs, tents, decor, lighting, sound – let Fusion manage the inventory.

Technology waits for no man.

Nor does competition in business. As such, the requisite to increase productivity without increasing costs is more paramount than ever before. Smart phones or tablets in tandem with Fusion Mobility™ clear that hurdle by empowering your operations team to do more while on the road: keep everyone in contact, collaborate for successful orders, and complete paperwork.

In 2018, we released multiple iOS and Android apps:

  • Fusion Salesperson provides you with a world of information about your events right in the palm of your hands.
  • Fusion Client becomes mobile partner with your clients. Have them confirm and eSign contracts for your events.
  • Fusion Captain is a single tool for your off-site staff to look for their event information.
  • And, updates to our Fusion CRM, Staff Check-In (time clock), and Delivery Driver apps.

The apps seamlessly integrate with the Fusion desktop so that there is no disruption of workflow when switching between using the mobile and desktop apps – they are an extension of the Fusion product.

In January 2019, we have released our most comprehensive app to date. We named it, “Synergy Fusion Mobile” and released it for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablets. The objective was to put the core pieces of all the original apps into a single, unified app. As salesperson you have access to:

  • Event Details for virtually any date range.
  • Customers, and Prospects so your Fusion contact list is in the palm of your hand.
  • Review the Event Staff who is assigned to your jobs.
  • Assign key documents, floor plans, tasting photos, etc., for your staff and customers to have access on their devices.

HR Department Staff Management Tools

A powerful, full-featured, staffing program giving your HR department the essential tools to manage your internal and event labor. This includes a time clock, desktop and web-based scheduling, desktop HR management, custom reports, and the ability to export to payroll and accounting applications.

When assigning event labor, Fusion™ will eliminate overbooking and double-booking personnel. The staffing department can then decide which staff will be your in-house or sub-contract labor to work events using a multitude of features built into Fusion™.

You’ll have access to an automated e-mail broadcasting and SMS texting for staff notification of changes and assignments. Once the staff requirements are defined and entered, sales can glean estimated costs of event costs and billing charges.

In addition to maintaining all of your staff members’ skill types, our online staff scheduling software is the right choice to choose. Fusion™ provides you with a comprehensive labor database including pictures, clothing sizes, work history, skill types and staff contact information.

Less Expensive, Profit-oriented, Food Costing System

For a complete profit-oriented, food-costing system that utilizes real time functionality concerning menu management, purchasing (several or now single), inventories, food production and disbursement of product. Fusion provides purchasing assistance, production scheduling and kitchen labor assignments for your staff.

Utilize Fusion F&B for ingredient inventory, recipe costing, purchasing and production scheduling. Print individual scaled recipe cards, event production, daily or date-range based food production reports. Analyze usage and costing down to the recipe itself. Offer allergen details or even produce-complete nutritional breakdowns for your customers.

If you are in the bar business Fusion offers the ability to sell by the bottle or consumption and track returns per job for accurate job P&L reporting.

Fusion POS

Mobile for Stadium Suites or a Traditional Counter Based POS.

Mobile for Stadium Suites or a Traditional Counter Based POS

Designed for Stadium Suites providers as well as Walk-up customers.  This is 100% connected to your Fusion™ data­base providing one stop entry point for your database items.

The many uses could include a store kiosk, the customer counter at a rental store, or wireless connectivity at venue for quick F&B orders. Devices used for the connection can be anything with a reasonable screen size like an iPad or tablet PC that can connect to a wireless network of the internet.

If you are in a need of online rental or hospitality or staff scheduling softwares for your catering business needs then Synergy International is here to help you!