Monthly Archives: March 2017

Simplified Truck Scheduling Window

By | 2017-05-30T17:45:27+00:00 March 21st, 2017|

To take advantage of our mobile delivery apps, we have created a new truck scheduling window that automatically generates the routes. This ensures that the delivery process is easy for all organizations.

Add of the Event Staff Points Functionality

By | 2017-05-30T17:39:58+00:00 March 16th, 2017|

You may want to reward your staff for accepting more challenging jobs from our web staffing module. This new functionality allows the department head to put a value on a specific assignment and cumulate points for monthly, quarterly, or analyzed rewards.

Add of the Salesperson Reporting Window

By | 2017-05-30T17:41:28+00:00 March 16th, 2017|

Fusion captures up to five account executives, event managers, sales personnel, and assistants. We have now created a window allowing you to generate reports on these job positions.

Add link to display Power BI

By | 2017-05-30T18:25:25+00:00 March 12th, 2017|

"Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization. Connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis. Produce beautiful reports, then publish them for your organization to consume on the web and across mobile devices. Everyone can create personalized dashboards with a unique, [...]