The event management business is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Therefore, it is easy to assume that the job is a relatively easy one. Nothing could be further from the truth as anyone who has ever planned a large scale event knows. It takes – to paraphrase actor, Liam Neeson from the movie “Taken” – “a particular set of skills”. Here is a list of the important qualities that the very best event planners and event managers possess.

  • Great interpersonal skills: Event planning involves a great deal of interpersonal interaction. One must communicate with workers and clients in order to produce an outcome that will satisfy all. Some people are born with these kinds of skills while others must work at developing them. Either way, they are needed for success in the industry.
  • Energy: Because planning an event of any size can be physically and psychologically demanding, one must possess energy and passion to able to handle the challenges that are a part of the duties that are always involved in coordinating such events.
  • Writing skills: Event planners must have excellent all-around communication skills. This means that he or she must possess verbal and writing skills. For example, event planners must often write out event proposals for clients, create marketing materials and contracts; compose thank you notes, etc.event management
  • Ability to multitask: Successful event planners are able to execute several tasks at the same time. The key to doing this successfully is to stay calm and focused while the different tasks – such as interviewing vendors, booking a caterer and negotiating a venue contract – are being performed. Catering software is one tool that can help with planning many aspects of an event.
  • Being able to plan for contingencies: Few events go off without a hitch. The difficulties that arise can range to relatively minor glitches to full blown disasters. The key to reducing the likelihood that such an incident event will ruin your event is to focus on pre-planning and to develop a strategy for handling things that could go wrong.
  • Technological affinity: Technology plays a huge role in nearly all professions these days. Event management software can help professionals handle staff allocation and messaging, inventory control, purchasing and production, menu management, etc.

Finally, while possessing these skills may not guarantee success in the event planning business, they are qualities that certainly help give potential planners a boost. Fusion™ can make every aspect of planning and executing small and large events easy as it supplements the above skill set.