Just as with any other kind of business venture, the success of your catering business rises or falls according to the number of customers you can secure. It isn’t easy. Every Tom, Dick and Harry out there thinks they have what it takes to start a catering business right out of their own kitchen. Well, it’s a little harder than that. Let’s look at some creative ways to get the ball rolling on your burgeoning catering service.

  • Do your research: Before you begin your advertising campaign you should determine several things such as who your competition is, what the major functions in your area are and whether or not you can build partnerships with other event services such as event planners, event rental agencies, photographers, etc.
  • Work with local food bloggers: Form relationships with local food bloggers as they are usually content starved. Moreover, many communities have free local papers that feature reviews of restaurants and cafes and that feature articles written by such bloggers. Take advantage of this and start a buzz about your business among these food writers.
  • Use mailers: Some good places to leave mailers about your service include law offices, ad agencies and banks and financial offices. The trick is to dispense your mailers to affluent areas with menu and service details about your catering business
  • Contact corporations in the area: Many companies hire catering services for events such as retirement parties, corporate anniversary parties, training events, corporate mixers, conferences, large meetings incentivize these companies by offering some sort of discount or special deal for new customers. As a further enticement, consider treating local businesses to free samples of your goods and a peek at your menu.
  • Create and distribute a press release: Follow the example set by the big boys (and girls) by creating and releasing a press release promoting your grand opening. You can either go big and use a professional distribution service or you can DIY it by sending your press release to community bulletins, the event section of local newspapers, culinary magazines, and bridal journals.catering
  • Form strategic partnerships with other businesses: As long as your business does not compete with others, strategic partnerships can help your business grow.
  • Post photos on social media: Consider using a professional food photographer to take pictures of your best offerings and then post them to sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

There you have it. These are some ways to start your catering service off on the right foot. Remember, that some of your best work will come from good old fashioned word of mouth so it is best to try to wow every customer with the quality of your food and your organizational skills. We can help you by providing you with catering software and party rental software that will help you with invoicing, scheduling, personnel, etc.