We are here for you whether you need help with a single aspect of automating your business or a complete technology refreshment of your IT infrastructure. We stand ready to assist you with all the components required to accomplish your goals.

Our trademark is creative flexibility as we move forward in assisting clients in conceptualizing, planning, procuring, and conducting the successful implementation of the assets needed to cut above. Elecate features experts with experience and skill sets to facilitate capitalizing on your investment.

If you are looking at our software for the first time or possibly multiple times as your business grows – look closely to see why we are found in many of the largest and most successful organizations across North America.

Celebrate success and grow together with us in our partnership approach!

Our History

In early 1991, Synergy International was formed to build a better software application for the special events industry. We released our first product at the 1992 Special Event: The Synergy Management System, an application offering Food Management, Beverages, Equipment Rental, Staffing, and Decor.

Our initial product was developed for DOS-based clients using Novell networks by the founders Chris & Bill Marsh who between them had 30 years of experience in Washington DC catering world. Throughout the years, Synergy has re-invested significantly to continue improving the product.

The application we called Synergy has evolved from a solely DOS product designed for the on- and off-premise catering industry, to an overall sales and operations management system. This system includes a cloud offering that operates in the Windows desktop environment for small organization as well as large enterprise solutions.

Our Future

Welcome our new company brand name, Elecate!

As technologies, in general, continue to improve, we constantly refine our family of products to utilize the newest components.

The next-gen product is completely browser-based using the same Microsoft Azure cloud as our core product Empower which has been on the market for almost a decade now. Empower is a cloud product with a rich Windows user interface. It is seamlessly integrated into our “myfusionportal.com” and Android and iPhone mobile products via our FusionAPI. This design allows everything to be portable across the company’s product lines.

This next-gen product works in harmony with the user’s current version of Empower on a Mac, an iPad, smartphone, tablet and of course Windows PC. This new browser-based version of Empower encompasses the same rich features and functionality we have offered for three decades now.

Order entry, inventory management, event production, scheduling, automated accounting, and job costing are all core components of Empower. Integrated data analytics tools allow you to better understand usage and future purchasing.

Extending the application to your customers with our click-through confirmations, e-Signatures, customer portal, online ordering and mobile applications makes our Fusion product sticky and provides tools for your customers to do their job easier.

To best serve our diverse client base, Elecate’s development team has created a powerful engine for our applications to manage a number of business styles: food service accounts, special event productions, major sports events, charter cruises, restaurants, cafeterias, staff booking services, venue facilities, equipment rental businesses, and more.

We are committed to continuing our proud tradition of improving and expand our products for our very important customers!

What’s Up

609, 2023

Blazor Drag-and-Drop Proposal Page Numbers

September 6th, 2023|0 Comments

We've modified our design, which has been in used for years, to sync with the original Page Number logic. This allows users to drag and drop the menu page layout and the page numbering will [...]

109, 2023

Blazor New Quick Entry Windows

September 1st, 2023|0 Comments

For Beverages, Customers, Equipment, Recipes, and Venues, we have added Quick Entry Windows. This greatly improves the speed of data entry without removing any features or functionality.

307, 2023

Staff Skill Types (Blazor Only)

July 3rd, 2023|0 Comments

We created something that should be a huge time saver for your sales team. When entering the skills requirements, you can now preset the default setup and breakdown times at the Skill Type level instead [...]

Our Design

Since our inception over 30 years ago, we have been guided by a relentless focus on building industry standard tools! Fusion™ is the new baseline of this focus.

Empower provides extraordinary functionality in robust and flexible uses to improve your organization.  Synergy International is an intelligent blend of market-focused and workflow process-centered organizations that develops innovative solutions to serve our customers while consistently outperforming our competition.

Those guiding principles have not wavered. Our commitment over the past few years has resulted in an investment of well over a million dollars back into our production of Fusion™, our astonishing application set for a long-term run as an industry-leading product.

To remain a leader, we must constantly be learning and improving.

Synergy International’s direction is long-range and cost-effective!  Our hospitality industry-trained, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve issues for you.

Financing Options

It is safe to assume that anyone in business today has some type of banking relationship. However, on occasion alternative sources make sense. Even those organizations with large cash reserves might want to consider leasing software acquisition off the balance sheet. This style of software financing makes it affordable now.

It is flexible with a variety of terms and buyout values. The initial costs are spread over a multiple-year basis that runs in parallel with the life cycle of the software. This means the business can let the solution be self-funding over the period of the lease.

Increase your company’s efficiency by acquiring Empower!