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Quickbooks Online Update

We have a new Fusion release for Quickbooks Online and Transaction Pro. That's it in Fusion for this update we have been jamming non-stop on Blazor improvements. In fact, the major release from Microsoft came out this week and that's been what we've wanted for the final release.

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HelpDesk Migration Started

The scheduled migration from Kayako to Zendesk has started today, Friday, October 28th @ 5 PM EST and it should be completed by tomorrow at about Noon. Any tickets created or updated after the migration started will likely not be migrated over and will be hand entered into Zendesk over the weekend.

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We are Migrating from Kayako to Zendesk

We've been with Kayako for over 15 years. Last year, they forced us to upgrade to their newest system. Not a big deal, after all, we are software people and recognize change is required. However, what we didn't expect was to have the cost of our "helpdesk" software increase 10-times in 24 months and that's [...]

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Fusion October 10th Update

Below is a recap of the changes since the last release:  Fusion Additional Checklist/Timeline logic to Beverage, Equipment, Staff, and Miscellaneous Event Editors Increase Tax Exempt ID field Increase the Production Notes field sizes Add the ability to remove the Credit Card Processor Modified the costing logic on the "Miscellaneous On-the-Fly" editor Added Pending orders [...]

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Tax Exempt ID Increase

We have increased the size of the Tax Exempt ID field in a variety of locations, customers, prospects, and events. We've increased the field size from 18 to 30 characters to accommodate changes in various jurisdictions.

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Checklist/Timeline Buttons

In our mid-September update, we released a new feature adding "checklist or timeline" entries via the Event Recipe Item Editor. It worked perfectly and was a huge timesaver according to our clients so we've added this same button to all the additional Event Entry Editors.

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Reporting Engine Tweak

We've decided to increase the ability to store reports in the Fusion database by extending the checkbox on all reporting windows. If you have the appSetting flag set to automatically do this then every report will be stored in the database. That might become a bit excessive so you might want to be careful about [...]

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Production Notes

Over the years, one of the requests has been to increase the size of the Production Notes field. While working on the Checklist/Timeline project we have increased this from 50 characters to 2000 by implementing some creative approach. The default remains unchanged at 50 characters which means no reports, labels, etc., would be affected. However, [...]

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