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Blazor Drag-and-Drop Proposal Page Numbers

We've modified our design, which has been in used for years, to sync with the original Page Number logic. This allows users to drag and drop the menu page layout and the page numbering will sync to the legacy approach since almost the inception of Synergy. This graphical approach is faster to layout your Full [...]

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Multiple Types for Event File Sharing (Blazor Only)

We have expanded our Event Stored File types for sharing files. This increase will be extended to our mobile and web apps: Public - the original approach Client - something you might want to share just with the client such as an "Invoice" Captain - documents that might be appropriate for just the Event Captains [...]

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Strong Password

As we moved into stronger security, some users need some assistance here on Strong Passwords. Below is a Wiki link, as well as a generalized description, and an example. Of course, the Password Generator might be your friend as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Password_strength Consider a minimum password length of 8[30] characters as a general guide. Both the US [...]

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Fusion Update

This is the first update we've done for Fusion since February. Almost 100% of our focus has been on our web version, we called Blazor internally. However, we've done some new work that needs is now requiring us to sync up both versions again. We added more Public fields for the Event Files, meaning, you [...]

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