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February 21st Update

We made a quick change by creating a new appSetting to control the Event Equipment Item Entry Images after finding that we cannot reuse the "ShowEquipmentPhotographs" due to some clients having attached 10MG images. We needed to split this logic and use a separate call for Events from Equipment Management (ShowEquipPhotoOnEditor). ShowEquipmentPhotographs = Set this [...]

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Fusion Feb 18th Update

We have been heavily focused on our Blazor roll-out and very pleased so far. However, don't worry, we haven't abandoned Fusion at all! We've put a few tweaks into that will apply to both Fusion and Blazor: Set MaxLength on Billing Name Added new vwEquipmentImageCostCenter Modified vwCommissionableCustomerVenue Modify usp_DeleteChecks to check RecEquip when deleting equipment [...]

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Year-End Blazor Update

Starting in the third quarter of 2022 we began to shift new clients to Blazor for all their needs. Meaning, any work they would be doing such as creating recipes, beverage items, equipment items, packages, customers, and of course events would all be completed in Blazor. This would also include the less-used functions for setting [...]

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Package Price Updates

As a nice year-end treat, we have added a feature to Blazor to update the cost and revenue in a package. This isn't available in Fusion, just our newest release for Food, Beverages, and Equipment.

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Azure Outage – 12/12/2022

This morning there was sluggish performance due to a networking outage at Microsoft Azure according to their support team that affected many of our products. For some, the networking issue was minimal and for others, it was significant at times.

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Quickbooks Online Update

We have a new Fusion release for Quickbooks Online and Transaction Pro. That's it in Fusion for this update we have been jamming non-stop on Blazor improvements. In fact, the major release from Microsoft came out this week and that's been what we've wanted for the final release.

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HelpDesk Migration Started

The scheduled migration from Kayako to Zendesk has started today, Friday, October 28th @ 5 PM EST and it should be completed by tomorrow at about Noon. Any tickets created or updated after the migration started will likely not be migrated over and will be hand entered into Zendesk over the weekend.

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We are Migrating from Kayako to Zendesk

We've been with Kayako for over 15 years. Last year, they forced us to upgrade to their newest system. Not a big deal, after all, we are software people and recognize change is required. However, what we didn't expect was to have the cost of our "helpdesk" software increase 10-times in 24 months and that's [...]

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Fusion October 10th Update

Below is a recap of the changes since the last release:  Fusion Additional Checklist/Timeline logic to Beverage, Equipment, Staff, and Miscellaneous Event Editors Increase Tax Exempt ID field Increase the Production Notes field sizes Add the ability to remove the Credit Card Processor Modified the costing logic on the "Miscellaneous On-the-Fly" editor Added Pending orders [...]

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