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Staff Schedule App – Special Instructions

By |2019-07-01T10:46:33+00:00June 14th, 2019|

We have added to the Scheduling app the ability for the staff to see "Special Instructions" which are found on the Delivery Page in Fusion. This request was important for clients that are trying to minimize the back-and-forth contact with staff.

Mobile Delivery Driver – Past, Present and Future

By |2019-07-01T10:49:32+00:00June 13th, 2019|

We have modified the mobile application to return the drivers scheduled for the previous day, the current day and tomorrow. This can reduce calls, emails, etc., for your dispatching staff to communicate with the drivers about their call times the following day.

Released Billing Service

By |2019-07-01T10:53:08+00:00June 6th, 2019|

We provided our public release of this module to allow for Fusion to automatically remind customers about upcoming payments for future events. You have the ability to set the number of days out via an appSetting for the reminder email and/or text to be fired off to your customer.

Staff Photos on Mobile Apps

By |2019-07-01T11:38:11+00:00May 30th, 2019|

We have added on the Staff Scheduling function of the mobile app the ability to capture a "Selfi" of the staff person to upload to the Fusion database.

Text Response Window

By |2019-07-01T11:36:38+00:00May 29th, 2019|

We have modified the Web Response window to also include a section for Text responses. The Yes/No entered by the staff person returns Accepted and Declined in the Response column.

Customer Entry Windows

By |2019-07-01T10:56:16+00:00May 28th, 2019|

We have added a scroll-bar to make it a bit easier for daily use when working with smaller screen resolutions like tablets.

Fusion Address Control

By |2019-07-01T10:55:15+00:00May 28th, 2019|

We have modified the look of this control slightly to allow for an additional line of data entry fields on all windows where the control resides.

Delivery Window Tweak

By |2019-07-01T11:43:24+00:00May 24th, 2019|

We have adjusted this window to allow for the Equipment Type drop-downs to be user-defined after 28-years:)