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Package Nesting

By | 2018-06-04T14:46:39+00:00 May 1st, 2018|

In Order Details, we have implemented "nesting logic" allowing you to collapse and expand the package as desired. This approach allows you to see one row of data for the package or expand the package to see all items contained within.

Menu Package Detail Reporting

By | 2018-06-04T14:37:54+00:00 April 26th, 2018|

Package substitutions is a great feature, we have now put another level in the package detail reporting allowing you to print out and see all the substitutions for that single package.

Menu Package Substitutions

By | 2018-06-04T14:28:54+00:00 April 24th, 2018|

When using substitutions, the database maintenance can be time consuming to update all the packages with new items or adjustments. We have created an automated tool that will take care of this process for you when saving your first change.

Page Numbers

By | 2018-06-04T12:45:16+00:00 April 9th, 2018|

We have implemented Page Number logic in all departments in Fusion, allowing customers to decide what page the Beverages are printed on just like Food.