Over the past month or so we’ve worked with clients to update prices for 2022 and 2023 as inflation has continued to skyrocket. We wrote very customized and detailed scripts to save our clients countless hours of work. In mid-December, we released the “RePrice” button for events that will pull in updated prices and recompute the event assuming you had the appropriate flags checked (Legacy button -> Advanced Financials -> uncheck Price Locks). This process basically tricked Fusion and checked all the base level prices.

Now we’ve released massive time-saving tools that would in most cases eliminate the need for us to write scripts and our clients to implement countless hours of manual data entry. For one equipment rental client, it should save them about 80-90 hours of data entry given the size of their database alone. They can fly through the process applying a global increase by percentage including rounding rules. They have the option of applying this price increase to the entire Equipment database, a master group, or sub-group.

Many clients currently use Price Types in Equipment. As noted above, we’ve had plenty of requests to hand build this table. Now, have automated the part of building the Price Type table and any price increases. By doing this you can create a historical price list, a 2022 price list, a 2023 price list, etc. Create the Price Type and define the percentage of increase from the current retail price.

For another client, we did a tiered price structure, and would have been over 7,500 updates saving them a crazy amount of time. The new design processed the three-tier request in under 15-minutes.

These new tools are found on the Equipment Price Type tab and the Physical Inventory button for all three departments.