Cost overruns, poor scheduling and customer dissatisfaction can turn your event into a blunder of epic proportions and cost your company future business. It can ruin your reputation which is one of the most valuable things a business owner can have and one thing that once damaged is hard to repair. Here are the four most common event planning/management mistakes, and ways smart event planners can avoid them.

  • Not sticking to a budget: Putting together and sticking to a budget is one of the keys to event management. If you blow through your budget you will be stressed out about how to stretch funds and your event will be ruined. Budgeting starts with having specific information on the scope of the event, manpower needed, etc. Fusion™ helps you with this crucial aspect of your event planning by helping you with invoicing, credit card processing, etc.
  • Ignoring Murphy’s Law: Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. That is Murphy’s Law. You should never assume that all will go according to plan even with skilled workers, an excellent menu and a beautiful venue.You should perform an event risk assessment as part of your planning process. Set your team aside to brainstorm on what could possible go wrong and formulate a plan B to handle it. Another way you can minimize the chance that things will go wrong is to use Fusion™ to take some of the guesswork out of the planning, management and execution of your event.
  • Scheduling problems: Controlling staffing at a large event can be a headache but not doing so effectively can lead to events being understaffed which could quickly ruin your event. Fusion™ helps your company staff events by giving you clear data on individual schedules that can be easily made available to management. You even have the ability to create master reports.event management
  • Failure to track changes to the scope of the event: The solution is to have software that records and documents changes so that the event manager can determine how such changes will be addressed and how they may impact the budget, menu, staffing, timeline, etc.

With this list and our equipment rental software you are well on your way to executing successful events that will help your brand to grow. Remove the guesswork associated with event management and use Fusion™ to better manage your business.