Synergy first exhibited at the Special Event Show in Orlando, Florida in 1992, after a year of development. That was thirty-one years ago! Over the years we have seen competitors come and go. We have grown with developments in technology and built one of the most robust products on the market.

The catering industry was devastated by Covid, though we didn’t rest. We focused on developing our “next-gen” product to work in harmony with our users’ current version of Fusion on a Mac, iPad, smartphone, tablet, and of course, Windows platform. This new browser-based SaaS version of Fusion encompasses the same rich features and functionality we have offered for over three decades.

Last April, three existing clients jumped on the now infamous Zoom call, to pitch an idea – 24 Carrots, Best Impressions, and Russell Morin’s Fine Catering. They wanted to invest, buy, grow, and do something new to build on Synergy’s existing successes.

As exciting and flattering as it was, it really didn’t have legs until they brought in Mark Douglas, who owns both a large vertical software company (LCPTracker) and a software development company (Cikume). Mark and I began to meet a lot on Teams meetings and strategized as to how this could or would work. Finally, I became confident enough that we could work out a deal and hopped on a plane, flew to the Texas office, and spent a few days there to meet future teammates.

Here we are 31 years later in Orlando at the CaterSource/SpecialEvent Show, announcing the next chapter of Synergy’s life as it plans to become Elecate and is poised for an incredible future with Catering, Events, and Rental Cloud Software.