One of our clients was so excited with the Ingredient and Equipment price updates automation they asked us to add a Recipe update window as well. This is found on the same Production -> Purchasing and Inventory section, however, you will need to make sure you have enabled the appSetting — ShowRecipeTabOnInventoryManagement = “Yes”. Generally, you don’t need to log out for the setting to take effect but it’s never a bad idea.

This new tab looks just like the other tabs with the tree view on the left and a significant amount of data on the right. Keep in mind, that this is only updating the Retail Price for only the Recipe section. It does not update Menus or Events and the Ingredient tab addresses the cost of an item as well as the recosting of Recipes.

Don’t forget, you can use the “PriceRoundingStrategy” and set the price rounding strategy to Nickels, Dimes, etc. This should save you tremendous time updating your recipe file.