Event Management

Provide detailed information to everyone in your organization as well as your clients, party planners, brides, etc.

Capture every minute detail about the event and log it in Fusion. Share documents, PDFs, images, permits, etc., from the Event Files window. 

Use the myfusionportal or the mobile apps to share the information with everyone internally and externally.

If it is an inventoried item, we can track it for the event. Recipes, Beverages, Equipment items, and Staff are all captured in Fusion for the event.

Produce attractive, accurate, and detailed documents such as proposals and contracts for your clients.

Food & Beverage Management

Fusion is designed for the corporate catering world.

  • The use of delivery and distribution reports – we have everything from a selection of a half a dozen packing slips to a report that itemizes all contents of a truck for multiple food deliveries.
  • Directions saved with either location or customers for automatic placement on delivery documents, even load-in instruction are included.
  • Delivery charges automatically assessed based on the location of the delivery.
  • On-Line ordering, an option that allows your clients to select menu items from predefined recipes that you have made available through Fusion to the web.

Corporate catering is normally associated with off-premise caterers. Catering companies that specialize in delivering a large number of events frequently with more modest per capita revenue on a per-event basis.

Corporate caterers frequently serve breakfast meetings, luncheons, and other special corporate events without much-advanced notice. Even events that often require changes in production catering, sports events, corporate hospitality, last-minute business meetings, pharmaceutical representatives, and special events are made much easier.

With the assistance of Fusion, you plan and execute the perfect event for your clients with precision and confidence you never thought possible.

Using Fusion the event management catering company can very quickly formulate menus designed to your client’s specifications and your operations team will be offered a detailed plan to ensure flawless execution. They can allocate delivery assets in terms of trucks, drivers, and equipment.

As is the case with all of the features in Fusion – we continue where other programs stop. For example, with some applications, menu management is an option and frequently is garnered from another vendor. It is an inclusive piece of our software and so specifically designed to work in this market. It will give the caterer a report of what needs to be prepared by which department up to the minute. The reports can even be so specific that individual pieces of kitchen production can be identified.

Recipe Mangement

Ingredient and Recipe Breakdowns

Fusion provides a detailed recipe management module integrating recipes, ingredients, production information, event management site information and event web management of those recipe items.

A properly formulated recipe will scale for kitchen production, will provide through information both the sales team and the customer as well as the crucial details for the item at the event sit

Nutritional Analysis

In Q1 2016, Fusion is integrating the USDA database into ingredient and recipe management modules. This will provide a very cost effective method for capturing nutritional data as well as providing your customers with quick results.

In 2010, we reintroduced Nutritional to Fusion™. We have created a comprehensive exportation from Fusion™ to Food Processor. This process adheres to the strict government guidelines and provides you with nutritional analysis and even government specified labels. We have developed a relationship with the industry leader, ESHA Research, who has a proven track record and major success with nutritional analysis.

The Food Processor nutrition and fitness software marries an extensive and meticulously-researched database with an uncluttered, easy-to-use interface for accurate, comprehensive nutrition analysis. For more than 25 years, nutritionists, dietitians and other healthcare professionals all over the world have trusted The Food Processor to help them assess their clients’ diet and fitness needs. Your recipes and ingredients are matched to their nutritional data!

Kitchen Mangement

Staff Scheduling

In Fusion™ the normal initial step is the sales team adding the staff requirements into the event. This entry of information provides sales with estimated costs of event management staffing and billing charges for the event. This is done by them defining the skill types required as well as the number need and the desired times.

Once these original needs are defined, the event management  staffing department can decide which will be your in-house or sub-contract labor to work events using a multitude of features built into Fusion™. When assigning event labor Fusion™ the program will eliminate overbooking and the double-booking of personnel. The staffing component is accomplished by presenting the staffer with the available event management staff members based on their respective skill types.

In addition to maintaining all of your staff members’ skill types, Fusion™ provides you with a comprehensive labor database including details such as pictures, clothing sizes, work history, skill types and of course multiple contact sources everyone seems to have today.

Chef Scheduling

Synergy Fusion comes with a powerful and comprehensive food production assignment feature. Your production can be scheduled by the day, production area, and even down to the person that you want to produce the item.

Reports can be generated in the same manner allowing for your production units to have exact information available for a given production cycle. Couple this feature with our recipe management tools and you have a complete event management production process that will give you consistent and accurate production figures.