My company is based in several locations. Can you help my firm?2015-12-30T23:08:45-05:00

Fusion™ is based on Microsoft SQL Server™ which is extremely fast and scalable! We can accommodate any number of users over a large geographic area.

Can Fusion™ grow as I do?2015-12-30T23:08:12-05:00

Yes. Since all the available installation styles have the exact same SQL database, you can move up or simple add more users as required!

What kind of label printer should we have?2015-12-30T23:07:49-05:00

It is our recommendation to have or purchase a Zebra printer in order to have the most efficient label-printed experience.

Do you have a POS associated with Fusion?2015-12-30T23:07:20-05:00

Yes we offer wired or wireless POS that uses Fusion as the engine. These are great where mobility is required like a stadium, park, or food truck.

Last time I did this the data entry took forever. Do you all do data entry?2015-12-30T23:06:52-05:00

Absolutely, and we do it quickly and accurately. Since we have staff who understand the program, we only need to do it once! Show us what data you have and we will make it happen. Having the data already inputted makes training more efficient and it gets you operational much quicker.

What are your annual license and support fees?2015-12-30T23:06:19-05:00

This depends upon which style installation you have. With the LAN version it is a calculated percentage of your system; with the Data Center and Web services styles there are no additional fees.

I have spent a fortune on my brand. Can you do something other than vanilla canned reports?2015-12-30T23:05:24-05:00

With over two decades serving this industry we are extremely sensitive to reports looking like yours! In fact, we have a number of templates that can show off your logo on more than 400 reports. If you want, we can build custom documents tailored specifically to your firm.

Will you come to my office to train?2015-12-30T21:47:21-05:00

Yes. We can come to you, train over the internet, or you can come to us. Our understanding your business is important in giving you the best ROI in your investment. We were in your business before we started Synergy International and can really make a difference.

My business is unique how can you accommodate those needs?2015-12-30T21:47:03-05:00

Our breadth of experience in different markets has taught us a great amount about how businesses operate. On occasion, we do find the need to add features to make your unique items part of our product so Fusion™ works as you do.

Do I need any special hardware?2015-12-30T21:46:22-05:00

In the web services version you need a relatively modern machine, but in the other option, the processing takes place on your server or ours so any PC or MAC with an internet connection will work well. Some operating systems need to have free updates installed.

What kinds of organizations can use Fusion?2015-12-30T21:45:45-05:00

Any organization that is involved in an aspect of catering, food service management, equipment rental, tent rental, stage and lights, facilities management, stadium suite management, university food service, specialty rentals, décor, staffing and many more can use Fusion.

My business has been using Mac computers forever. Will Fusion™ work with Mac?2015-12-30T21:45:26-05:00

Fusion™ will work with any computer that has a high-speed internet connection for our data center or in your office that users a current Windows™ based server.

I am a small company. Will it work for me?2015-12-30T21:33:31-05:00

Some of the largest and best known caterers as well as rental companies use our products but it will also perform wonderfully for any size operation. We have customers who utilize Fusion with just a couple of users. One of the most arduous things to accomplish is to establish proper best practices in a small firm, and we help make that possible.

What programs are offered?2015-12-30T21:33:16-05:00

Fusion™ by Synergy International has 3 styles of installation. The tradition model is LAN based and can be accessed by all licensed users who are entered into the system. Our Data Center model is what is normally thought of as the ‘Cloud’. Fusion™ runs on our sophisticated servers in a true data center and users can connect from anywhere they have an internet connection. Lastly we offer a web services based installation which is for one or two users where Fusion™ resides on the local desktop and data is located on our data center.

Do the different styles of Fusion™ do different things?2015-12-30T21:33:00-05:00

All installation options contain the exact same program; it is simply a matter of choice.  Web services are good for small user numbers where the Data Center and LAN styles have advantages based on their users’ numbers. Many firms who do not have on-site full time IT staff prefer the data center approach.

How can Fusion™ help me?2015-12-30T21:28:41-05:00

Most businesses have a notable amount of redundant paperwork and tedious functions such as inventories. Plus frequently the biggest issue is a lack of communication between staff members. Fusion™ is exceptional at bridging these issues with a number of functions and reports that significantly reduce paper, math by humans, proposal & invoicing activities while keeping staff members informed! If nothing else it will recapture some free time for you to do what you enjoy.

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