The world of catering, event planning and party rental can be hectic at times, and people always need up-to-the-minute updates. Our Fusion™ software products, running in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform allows you to manage all the details of your business from anywhere. And now, with the introduction of our mobility apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones, we do mean anywhere.

The real-time tracking and updating of deliveries is an outstanding feature and management tool. While out making deliveries, your driver can update their status to show when they are en route, when they are on-site, and when delivery has been completed, as well as being able to enter a whole host of information about the delivery. Both dispatch and sales can immediately learn this information on their own computers, without ever having to call.

And when dispatch needs to update the driver? The same process works in reverse. A driver’s pickups and deliveries can be rescheduled while the driver is already on the go. Overall, you can offer your customers maximum flexibility and transparency, so everyone is always aware of what’s happening with a delivery or pickup.

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