To support our previous iPhone and Android Check-In applications, we have updated our app with iPad support. This new release is awaiting approval from Apple and will be available to clients shortly. It provides the same features and functionality as our other mobile apps, but allows a new connectivity option to ensure that clients can choose the device that best suits their needs and convenience. Highlights include the ability for employees to check in and out of events without requiring access to the Fusion desktop client, as well as approve their time-sheets to comply with various state and local laws. Moreover, for managers the app provides easy access to all scheduled events so that they can keep track of the days’ business even when away from their desk.

As with all mobile apps, the iPad version of our Staff Check-In app integrates seamlessly with our Fusion desktop client; any updates made from the desktop app will be immediately available on the mobile app and vice versa.

Please contact us for more information. We will provide further updates once the app is available for download.