This update encapsulates a handful of updates syncing the Fusion desktop, myfusionportal, and Blazor changes.  They include:

  1. Fusion
    1. A new check for the appUser when opening and closing the delivery button.
    2. A new “Timeline” project for a customer.
    3. A new way to capture more data points on “contracts” using our “Checklist” module.
    4. Added a unique index on Customer Types to prevent users from ignoring friendly messages.
    5. Added a grid refresh on Equipment to improve user experience.
    6. Added fields to the EventStaffRequested queries implementing the Alternate Name fields.
    7. Added the ability to change Recipe Prep Areas by Name.
  2. MyFusionPortal
    1. A new set of payment page date controls to limit the amount of data being returned.
    2. A custom request to add the item description as we do in Fusion during the addition of items in the shopping cart.
    3. Added “Customer on-hold logic” as we have in Fusion.
    4. Added special logic to hide the “Payment” button.
    5. Added special logic to link the “Delivery Location” by Customer as we offer in Fusion.
    6. Improved a sorting issue for extremely large inventory users.
  3. Blazor
    1. We will continue to list these updates separately.