This is the first update we’ve done for Fusion since February. Almost 100% of our focus has been on our web version, we called Blazor internally. However, we’ve done some new work that needs is now requiring us to sync up both versions again.

  1. We added more Public fields for the Event Files, meaning, you can tag a file Public as we’ve offered for years, or tag it for your client, and then in Staffing you can tag it for general Staff, and Captains. This will be implemented on our Mobile app in the coming weeks and is only available in the Blazor version.
  2. We added the Department to the Event Timeline (or Checklist). Again, on the web version, you have been able to build out your Event Timeline or Captain’s report, however, now we can modify the reporting to be by Departments such as Food, Beverage, etc.
  3. In staffing, we have added logic for Setup and Breakdown times at the Skill Type setup. This logic will automatically insert the assigned times before and after the event thus streamlining some of your data entry tasks.
  4. An improvement to the Event Proposal and Contract Reporting, we added a Contract Terms window for creating your terms. You can have more flexibility at the event level now by enabling or disabling various terms.

Please note, these changes are only available in our HTML web version but the existing Fusion version will work fine with the new logic.