• The accounting window provides multiple tabs based on your desires. Invoicing, Statements and Exporting are the most common.
  • Batch process your invoices or get creative and process by salesperson, customer or event type.
  • Used in conjunction with our ‘On-Line Credit Card Processing’ interface, your A/R process will be vastly improved.
  • After exporting the files, you simply import them into your accounting package. Some customers produce hundreds of orders each day thus making the accounting import process an invaluable time-saver as well as improving the accuracy of their financial data.
  • A great safety feature is ‘accounting locks’,  so when you have completed your accounting updates and export, you can ‘lock-down’ the event order for data integrity. Like most processes in our application, we log the date, time, and the user involved in the accounting process.

Accounting Exports

There is a wide variety of software for accounting and payroll purposes. Some software is equipped with both accounting and payroll programs, while others go more in depth in just one program. It is important to find the software that will best accommodate your company’s needs.

Your accounting software purchase should be discussed with your CPA and strongly based on their comfort level with the various products evaluated. Prices range from a few hundred dollars per package to thousands of dollars per module. Just like implementing a sales and management tool, you could have significant expenses preparing and entering the data.

The most common small business package is QuickBooks, and Fusion™ has an easy process of creating the required export files – Sales, Revenue and Receipts. For a more robust project we have also utilized custom integration with Great Plains Dynamics and a variety of other packages.

Payment Processing

Improve your A/R cycle by accepting credit cards and automating the process by using our on-line interface that quickly returns approvals over a secure internet connection for not just an individual user who has access to the terminal, but for all your users.

Fusion™ is integrated with two vendors for processing credit cards. Our development team has created a seamless interface to both ETS and FirstData. This interface offers a wonderfully simple, totally integrated and secure Credit Card processing system into Synergy products with world-wide support.

This method offers a very fast and efficient way of receiving deposits and invoice payments while integrating these receipts seamlessly into Synergy’s products. Our processing methods meet the credit card industry goals by using “tokenized” processing technology. At Synergy, we store nothing in the database except an encrypted token.

There is a per transaction fee charged by the vendors which is negotiated by you for processing charges. Synergy has no control over these costs.

Countless Reports

Many customers like to create customized invoices, i.e. an invoice with all the details, summary invoices, specialized roll-up invoices, as well as missing items invoices and notices.  We even add an invoice counter to track each invoice that has been printed.

In Fusion™, we have taken the simplicity of our user interface and applied extensive and powerful reporting options;  Filter by Date Range, Confirmed orders, Customer Type, Customer Name, etc. (about 18 options in all), to produce your desired report like you used to see hand-created in Excel taking hours of work.

This is not hard coded; you, the end users, can drag-and-drop to create your own report queries with ease. In fact, we even have drill-down reports to make the analysis easy and effective. Of course send your report to Excel!

  • Customizable Reports
  • Pivot Table Style Reporting
  • Easy to Read Summary Data
  • Lightning Fast Queries
  • Drill Down Capabilities

Financial Dashboards

While we are discussing this, imagine glancing at your computer monitor and seeing multiple panes on a digital dashboard, sometimes referred to as an executive dashboard. This title is established as a metaphor as it looks and performs like a dashboard in a car or plane.

All the required information is made available in a format normally using colors, charts, and graphs. The visibility of critical operational, sales, and financial data are displayed for you based on your decision of the most important factors that pilot your organization.

It is a real-time critical enterprise information system with you being the person who decides the level of detail within each area. With Fusion™ you can visualize day-to-day business activities which will allow you to make faster and more accurate decisions!

Payment Tracking

All key financial data about the specific event is easily found on one consolidated form.  No more separated accounting reports to manually build.  Enter your deposits, payments, security deposits, credits, and write-offs on one easy-to-use section.  Your accounting department records not only the amounts, but also, how, when, and by whom the payment was recorded.  Date/time and user stamping is used throughout the application.

Generate your invoices and statements from the same window. Send one at a time, automatically batch-send the invoices via email, or print them for your customers.