Fusion Automation

Assigning Shifts and Emailing

  • If you desire to assign the person to the event, they will be able to see the event on the mobile app and then either Accept or Decline the shift.

  • By Accepting, the Booked Date/Time is recorded into the Event Staff record for that event shift.

  • By Declining, they are marked as Declined.

  • This functionality has been added to our myfusionportal.com whereby you can send an email with shift details with Accept or Decline embedded links into the buttons marking the person as accepting or declining the shift. We call this process a “click-through” technology.

  • If you have a person assigned then the API process will automatically book the person in the event staff record in Fusion, if they Accept.If they decline, it will decline them from the job.


Automated Reporting

Set specific times for reports to be emailed to staff every day. Many clients get a snapshot of the deliveries, deposits, payments, etc., sent bright and early each day so they are in their email in the morning.

Automated Shift Reminders

We have implemented “Schedule Reminders” using Microsoft’s Automation integration via email or text.

For example, we can set our automation tools to fire off an email every evening at 6:00 PM to remind the staff of their shifts the following day.

Utilize this technology instead of having your scheduling person calling or manually sending emails or text messages from Fusion.

Automated Late Staff Alerts

    • Years ago, we created a custom windows service we called Staff Alerts for clients using our Timeclock and/or mobile Staff Check-in app.
    • The purpose was to notify designated management persons when the scheduled staff person is late based on “application setting” thus giving the organization time to react.
    • This was and is extremely helpful to allow the staffing office time to find a replacement for the delinquent person who hasn’t arrived at the event site.
    • In February,  as part of a series of Automation and AI processes starting with sales, we migrated the widows’ service into our PowerPlatform, Fusion Automation engine.

Automated Scheduling Assistant

    • We can fire off an email (or text) to the unconfirmed person reminding them about a shift they have been assigned with a confirmation link.
    • Using the staff publishing logic, we can parse the Event Staff table to fire off an email (or text) to desired event auto-schedule level the event had been published for staff persons for unscheduled jobs in the next X-days.