Event components may be delivered to or picked up from the job site at the different times. 

Fusion™ allows you to capture different event times, sales commitment times, and drivers schedules based on the needs that are specific to that event. These times are seamlessly connected to ‘Dispatching’ and ‘Inventory’ within Fusion™.

These values can be printed on contracts, packing lists, drivers’ schedules and master event delivery reports. Fusion™ will look for whatever information you desire from a schedule for a period of time down to an order. Moreover, if you do the same routes consistently Fusion™ can even automatically assign them.


  • Fusion includes a dispatching and truck routing function within the production area. dispatching personnel have the capability of scheduling several deliveries; assigning them to routes, trucks, drivers even delivery helpers.

  • We have safety checks implemented to make sure a job is not missed, checking delivery and pickup times.
  • Separate reports can be printed by driver or truck number for efficient labor management.


  • Track the vehicles on your desktop and update the management window allowing sales and operations to know where everyone is throughout the delivery process.
  • Log the time the driver has left, the time the driver is on-site and the time the driver has completed the delivery.
  • Use the “Airport” style window and display the real-time data in your dispatching office for everyone to see.

Mobile Apps

  • Their schedule and routing information is updated real-time, so, as client requests change, you can reassign deliveries and pickups quickly. No need to track down the driver by calling them just update the schedule from your Fusion desktop.
  • The driver can update the following status’:  when he’s En-route, On-Site, and his Completion times. They have the ability to take photos, enter return weights, take notes and update the dispatching office with quick clicks on the smartphone.
  • All the while, the dispatch office sees this information updated real-time from their desktop or the airport-style monitor for quick reviews.