Mobile Products


FedEx, UPS, and others have had mobile platforms for years. At Synergy we created an APP that allows your delivery drivers to check-in via their smartphone.

Their schedule and routing information is updated real-time, so, as client requests change, you can reassign deliveries and pickups quickly. No need to track down the driver by calling them just update the schedule from your Fusion desktop.

The driver can update the following status’:  when he’s En-route, On-Site, and his Completion times. They have the ability to take photos, enter return weights, take notes and update the dispatching office with quick clicks on the smartphone.

All the while, the dispatch office sees this information updated real-time from their desktop or the airport-style monitor for quick reviews.

Staff Check-in

Fusion™ has a sophisticated staff scheduling and payroll module. One of the beautiful mobile tools we created is our Staff Check-In App. This tool has multiple functions:

  1. Your Party Supervisor is provided a check-in phone allowing your team to connect to the Fusion™ event staff assignments. They check-in and check-out the event staff real-time.
  2. Payroll is essentially completed electronically via your smartphone. Your payroll department might need to make adjustments to meet your business rules, however, the time entries are down to the minute.
  3. Provides your staffing manager a quick look at everyone who has checked-in at either the job site or into the time clock.

Customer Relations Management

As a salesperson, it is important to know whom and when to call your prospects or clients.

With Fusion™ CRM, this functionality is integrated into your desktop application as well as offering a mobile module. This information is real-time on your smartphone. If your call center assigns you a call while you are on the road it will appear on your handheld.

As you make updates to that contact, it is available for the sales manager to see on their Fusion™ desktop.

Client App

Our Fusion Mobile Client App provides your clients real-time access to deliveries, pickups, and changes to existing orders as well as the complete order detail including images of the items ordered.

The client can provide feedback to the company using the Feedback button and rating the order with up to 10-stars and a notes section.

GPS and the camera are utilized in the app providing efficient routing and proof of delivery along with a signature window linked to the order.

The app has two modes – a Client mode for the customer access and an Event Supervisor mode for the party supervisor working the event to have the same information at their fingertips.


The Fusion Mobile Salesperson app provides you with the same tools you have provided your clients.

Real-time access to deliveries, pickups, confirmation, and changes to existing orders. This provides your Client and Sales team with immediate information for your customers. GPS and camera are utilized in the app, along with a signature window linked to the order, to ensure efficient routing and proof of delivery.

Suites / Ordering

This app is designed for customers to place an order while already attending one of your events.

Our Fusion Mobile Suites / Ordering app provides our customers with the ability to look up and place an order on their iPhone or iPad. The customer can pay past invoices or confirm future orders from this same app.