Mobile Products

Fusion Mobile App

Fusion Mobile App, designed for iOS and Android, is connected via the cloud to the Fusion desktop app to complement and augment the desktop functionality. The app extends customer relations management and order tracking to the smartphones of your salespeople and clients. Moreover, it enables your company to leverage additional Fusion features to manage offsite employees, such as delivery drivers and event staff.

The app is composed of multiple modules with features tailored to specific roles and use cases:


Salesperson / CRM

List of past, present, and future events, with a snapshot of the event details including assigned staffing, items sold for the event, images, etc.

Access to the entire Fusion Prospect, Customer and Staff database from a smartphone.


External version of our Salesperson app. List of past, present, and future events the customer has booked, with a snapshot of the event details including assigned staffing, items sold for the event, images, etc.

The customer can confirm an event and provide feedback on their smartphone.



Provides the event supervisor with the same information the salesperson and the client have.

Staff Schedule

Allows employees to look up their assigned schedule or assign themselves to upcoming jobs. Covers past, present, and future work.

Staff Check-In

Integrates with Fusion™ staff scheduling and payroll to simplify time clock management.


Allows employees to enter their tasks while away from their desk so that timesheets can be kept up-to-date and recorded accurately.


Delivery Driver

Allows your delivery drivers to check-in via their smartphone.

The driver can update when en-route, On-Site, and a delivery is completed. They can take photos, enter return weights, take notes and update the dispatching office with quick clicks on the smartphone.



Utilize the mobile app to take a physical inventory of your equipment items. This can be done by scanning the bar code and then the system pops up a window for you to enter the inventory amounts, notes, edits, etc.

You can count everything for just the items marked with the required inventory count flag.