A web presence is integral to a modern business.

You’re not an IT pro. Let Synergy do the nerdy work.

My Fusion Portal

An online shopping cart can be an investment of a few thousand development hours. We decided to make that investment and make the approach extremely flexible and standardized with Fusion. The end result has been a desktop and mobile-friendly product we’ve named “myfusionportal.com” and it offers a variety of features to offer your clients:

– Confirm Future Orders including eSignatures

– Pay for their Orders with Multiple Secure Credit Card Vendors

– Print Past, Present and Future Orders

– Update their Customer and Billing Profile

– Place Orders for Delivery or Pickup

We have made the approach quick and easy implement as well as cost effective to maintain and most importantly user-friendly for your customers. Of course, it can be themed to match your existing web style. You can have a shopping cart up and running in a few hours with your data. A seamless integration into your Fusion database.


  • Lead generation is crucial to the success of your business. We have created different methods to capture this information for lead tracking. One of the most common ways is to implement logic on your “contact us” page to capture required Prospect data in Fusion™.

    This is accomplished by our web service or web page integration.


  • Over the years, these are the various components we’ve created for our customers to offer their clients:  Access to calendars, delivery data, and most recently an invoice and statement printing portal with integrated secure payment processing.

    With the new payment portal, you no longer need to have a person in accounting printing copies of invoices and statements for your customers. And your customers can pay their open A/R 24 x 7 x 365, again, without your involvement.


  • By clearly organizing the product categories (or groups as we call them) for your sales team, you are also providing the foundation for your web-based product catalogs.

    A simple click of a checkbox will enable, or disable, the item from displaying. In fact, you can include or exclude pricing depending on your desires.


Synergy Fusion™ offers a Web Based HTML front-end, graphical interface allowing your staff to login and do much of the work that your HR/Scheduling department has done in the past with the click of a button update everyone via e-mail.

This magnificent optional addition to our existing products provides great opportunities for your staff’s growth. Personnel will have the ability to preview their upcoming work schedule, dates, times, locations, directions, etc.

On-Line Ordering

Over the years we have created integrated websites for clients ranging from stadium suite orders for pre-game management to day-to-day corporate catering orders. In most cases these are more customized shopping carts designed to meet our clients specific business requirements and goals.

The websites are secure, providing normal on-line shopping functionality we have grown to expect today. They can be configured to require a login before or after starting an order. The sites can have time of day controls to limit orders, minim and maximum order sizes and of course all items displayed on the website are controlled by a single check box in the recipe or beverage file.

The website can be setup with or without online payment processing.