Your requirements for Fusion will vary depending on the number of users, type of configuration, desired products to implement, security, growth and flexibility.

Offering a number of security features including the ability to have the user only see the data that is appropriate to their location known in the program as a cost center. Fundamentally, the hierarchy of the security is access to the network login, SQL server permissions, and Fusion security levels. Once logged-in Fusion provides a user database with custom settings based on what they can see – It starts with anything from an inactive user through a supervisor. Moreover, we can restrict exactly what the user can see to the menu option level.

As your company grows you increase your staff numbers, increase inventories, and add locations. A sound observance of security will save you small fortunes. Additionally, working within specific cost centers helps keep otherwise daunting inventory control at a manageable echelon.

Enterprise organizations have different requirements than individual shops so we have invested significant sums of money to parse data based on the enterprise location. By your secure login, a user in the LA office would only see data for the LA business unit (or cost center) and a user in the San Diego office would only see data for their operations yet we have the flexibility to display both based on user rules thus improving sub-rentals and inter office transfers of data.


Software Requirements

  • Windows 10 or 11
  • v.4.8
  • All software and security updates for your local machines

Choose from several configuration options:

Local Fusion™ Desktop

With Windows 10 or 11, simply install the client files on your PC and connect to our private cloud where your database resides. This is not a browser approach but rather a nice rich client installation like your experience with Office products.


For our most common implementation, where Fusion™ resides on your desktops but the data is running and protected at our data center. We also utilize Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client to connect your MAC hardware including iPad for extremely portable access.

Hosted Servers

With this investment, we can offer complete hosted servers. We image your existing server and move it to our data center. This approach eliminates the hardware, software, and infrastructure expenses for new equipment. Your existing environment is transformed into a faster and more redundant environment.

Azure Servers

We offer solutions using SQL Azure as well as other Azure Cloud Services. These solutions are very powerful and flexible. However, the pricing is based on the options you chose to implement, the size of your database, and possibly the amount of connection time required.


In its most simplistic definition the thing we all hear about called the Cloud is using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet at a remote site to store, manage, and process data. This is opposed to the traditional Local Area Network (LAN) where the storing, managing, and processing of data takes place locally. Cloud computing is unique in that it involves delivering hosted services which can be a complete desktop over the Internet.

Synergy Internationals cloud solution is wonderful as it is elastic – you can add users and Fusion™ options with no investment from your organization. A user needs nothing but a personal computer and Internet access.

We employ significant innovations in virtualization and the distributed computing concept. This as well as improved vastly improved access to high-speed Internet coupled with the weak economy have accelerated the interest in cloud computing and in our data center model.

Fusion™ as a Software as a Service is a wonderful way to get automated or updated with a notable reduction in your IT needs and investment.


Use your:

  • iPad to connect to the Data Center using Microsoft’s RDP app
  • Windows 10 or 11 Pro tablet with either:
    • a Fusion web service connection
    • a Azure Cloud connection
    • or a remote desktop connection