Event & Party Rental, Tent Rentals, Linen Rentals, Sound & Lighting Rentals

The heart of all rental programs is a solid inventory management system.

Fusion has evolved over 30 years with refinements to capture minute details to make the job process even faster both on the sales and operation sides.

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From your initial encounter with Fusion,, you’ll be able to tell it is a different party & equipment rental software experience; all Windows based, in a very user-friendly and very business-aware state. The program has extensive groups of customer relationship data, inventory management data, and financial data in a concise and easy-to-understand format.

Synergy International is a company founded by industry people, not computer people. People who have had to sub-rent items, people who understand the adverse effect this can have on your bottom line. People who know that overbooking is a tragedy and that you must track missing items.

We recognize that inventory availability is different between a table and table cloth when they return from an event. We recognize that one of those two items requires cleaning once they make it back to your store. Moreover, expenses such as cleaning and other costs must be factored into the rental price. Our party rental software and equipment rental software are available to you at affordable prices.

Utilize our shortage modules, missing and damaged modules, and tablet-based returns modules.

Tent Rentals

Packages, Kits & Tents

Managing all the components needed to build a structure can be complicated, especially if you are doing it by hand or it’s in your head.

Within Fusion™ there are packages; this is where two or more items are logically linked on a specific rental. These are templates that encompass all the things required for the set or subset of equipment.

They can be all the components of a tent or all the parts needed for successful power generation and distribution. In our tent example it incorporates everything from the tops through the stakes.  When added to an order, each item, no matter how small, is allocated out of inventory in a real time method when added to an order. No longer will you have the X item that was here yesterday cause problems.

The same conditions exist for a number of other equipment items like staging, pipe and drape, electrical items, and lighting. If it requires multiple items we can package it so it’s properly accounted for and inventoried.

Responsible Order Entry

The party rental software/equipment rental software permits a user, with very limited detailed product knowledge of the construction of these systems, to accurately place a complete order.  From the order entry perspective, it is wonderfully quick and simple to select the size tent your customer desires.

Linen Rentals

A Single Showroom, Multi-site or Nationwide Services. 

Some of the largest linen rental companies in the US rely on Fusion™.


Fusion™ includes a dispatching & truck routing function within the production area. Dispatching personnel have the capability of scheduling several delivered events and as­signing trucks and personnel to each job.

Separate reports can be printed by driver or truck number for efficient labor management.

There is a variety of information available at a quick glance such as the event location, delivery site directions, load-in notes, set-up information, and in addition, various other notes are available for reporting.

Sound & Lighting


We have been working hard towards increasing the value of everyone’s investment in our party rental software. In a nutshell, our product development has been focusing on our new suite of SQL backend products offering so many significant improvements and new features especially for the markets containing large and expensive items such as Sound and Lighting companies.

Serialized Inventory

This includes a number of exciting features that positively impact all of our event oriented clients as well. Perhaps most notably, is the establishment of the relationship between the equipment item and serialized equipment units.

The specific unit is tracked by a unique identifier, normally the serial number. This uniqueness will assist in a multitude of managerial functions; from improved maintenance records for the item to knowing the true cost of each serialized item within the inventory.

All-in-one unified orders combine your high-end equipment rental items, labor services, and items to be sold.  All with dependable financial information to create internal as well as external documents.

Accurate and Useful Information

Knowledge to formulate excellent informed decisions is what Synergy International envisioned from the inception of our products. Accurately control costs, revenue and discounting rules translate to a profitable organization.