Consulting & System Design

Assisting with the basic network design to a complete and detailed implementation using our Cloud-based software or with our partnership approach will provide you with a network that is a specifically designed solution for your organization’s requirements.

Over the years we have focused our education and efforts on almost every Microsoft Windows Server platform available. We can provide a purely local implementation or cloud-based solution requiring minimal hardware in-house.

Our experience started over 30 years ago with Novell Netware and Window NT3.51. We have extensive experience with Windows Servers, Microsoft SQL Servers, Microsoft Azure, and Linux-based XenServers.

We have associates experienced in a variety of firewall and routing solutions, including Cisco, Juniper, SonicWall, and many others. And, for some environments, it’s best to implement thin-client solutions where no PC is used simply an appliance to connect to the network, printers, etc.

 Cloud Hosting

Synergy offers a cloud-based rental catering software, hosted solution for your company to more easily access the Fusion™ products.  These products are commanded from our facility, with state-of-the-art security, performance, and reliability. Our engineers are prepared to speedily handle conflicts in maintenance and operations.

IT Services

Targeted towards fulfilling your budget requirements, we assist with the general network design for a complete implementation using our partnership approach. Cloud-based rental catering software result is a network that can provide you with remote access from anywhere with almost any device.

Project Management

Synergy International will provide project management for your network implementation. We work with you and the vendors to develop a detailed implementation plan covering all aspects of the project.

We will

define the specifications and complete the vendor selection through installation and training. By providing overall project management services with a single point of management responsibility, we ensure that the network installation is as smooth as possible with proper documentation within your budget.

Data Entry

In addition to training and data entry services that we currently perform at your location, much of the work can be performed at our location and will serve to expedite your time requirements and save you money!

Our Staff

entering your data assures that the data is entered correctly and will make your systems roll-out quickly.

Customized Documentation

We work with clients to create a ‘company’ specific users guide in order to make the day-to-day uses of Fusion™ more understandable and efficient for your organization.

Using the

partnership approach we give your team a specific process work for your organization, enabling  you to operate it efficiently, profitably, and in your style.

Your firm, our software, and the best practices as you define them!

Forward Thinking

Synergy International provides clients with a wide array of value-added services, such as forward-planning systems design, integration of new or existing systems, quality individualized training for your support staff and consistently dependable technical support from our office.

Always Thinking

At Synergy, we are always focused on new technologies and how they can be best implemented for our markets. This continual R&D allows our products to be geo-redundant for clients that require this level of operations.