5 Tips for Catering Outdoor Events

Catering an event al fresco is very different from catering an event indoors. When catering indoors you have much more control over your environment. With nature it is a different thing. Nature can be unpredictable and actually may work against your plans. Here are five tips and tricks to make sure that the party runs [...]

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Five Ways to Acquire Customer References

One of the strongest forms of advertising for people in the hospitality services industry - and in most other businesses for that matter – is word-of-mouth. Former and current customers can help you increase your bottom line and build credibility and brand equity. However, they must be approached in the right way and of course [...]

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7 Tips for Promoting Your Catering Business

Just as with any other kind of business venture, the success of your catering business rises or falls according to the number of customers you can secure. It isn’t easy. Every Tom, Dick and Harry out there thinks they have what it takes to start a catering business right out of their own kitchen. Well, [...]

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Tips for Managing Large Scale Catering Events

So, your business is really taking off beyond your wildest expectations. Your profits are increasing and your client-base is growing. All of this is a dream come true. However, as you are probably learning by now, success has its drawbacks. More customers and larger venues means more potential headaches as you juggle to control inventory, [...]

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Benefits of Catering Software

There are a lot of moving parts involved in catering an event. It isn’t like the old days when a pen, paper and a good memory would be sufficient enough to plan an affair. Nowadays, technology stands ready to help people who run a catering business. Catering software makes it more convenient for you to [...]

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