Choosing the right venue to hold an event is probably the most important decision in the planning process that you will make as an event planner. It is a make or break decision that has ruined many functions that might otherwise have gone off without a major hitch. Don’t be put into the position of having everything else ready – even cloud-based rental software – and fumbling on this all-important duty. These 5 tips will help you find the perfect conference venue.

  • Make sure your location is easily accessible: Choosing an easily accessible location for your event will ensure that you have the maximum attendance for your event. Make sure transportation is readily available for your attendees so that they can arrive by air, rail or automobile. Moreover, you should also make sure that you have more than adequate valet and parking spacing available for those who will be arriving by car.
  • Make sure your venue is large enough: It will be critical to know the room capacity for your venue so that you can comfortable fit all guests into it. You will also need to consider this factor for fire and safety code reasons.
  • Make sure you are insured: Some venues won’t do business with companies that don’t have liability insurance. Be sure that you have general liability insurance at a minimum and that you save the contact information for the agency you are with.
  • Don’t neglect technology: Be sure that you venue offers charging stations, Wi-Fi, etc. Also be sure that you have the event management software needed to help you run things more efficiently. Our Fusion software will help ensure that everything will run smoothly and that you have an easy way to quickly adjust to most contingencies that may develop. 
  • Staffing: Knowing how many guests will be in attendance and how large your venue is will help you plan the right staff to guest ratio. You will need enough wait staff, concierge support and security to handle your event and our software can help you many all of these things. It can help you with work schedules as well.

There are many aspects of your event to plan but hopefully our tips will help you handle finding a venue more easily. Our site contains software that will help you manage those aspects of event management as well.