So, your business is really taking off beyond your wildest expectations. Your profits are increasing and your client-base is growing. All of this is a dream come true. However, as you are probably learning by now, success has its drawbacks. More customers and larger venues means more potential headaches as you juggle to control inventory, manage employees, create reports, etc. In other words, your business is now experiencing from growing pains. When it comes to catering large scale events, we are the experts. We know what it takes to successfully cater an event. Here are some of our pro-tips to consider when catering large scale events:

  • Master the science and art of communication: Planning and executing large scale events such as corporate gatherings often involves multiple spaces and venues. Know how each group will coordinate with other groups in order to serve your clients in a seamless manner. Finally, for outdoor events check zoning restrictions, which streets are closed, etc. Here, our online catering software can help you streamline a number of tasks into a central locus.
  • Make note of dietary restrictions: When planning a menu for a great many people you will be bound to run into numerous dietary restrictions among the guests. Some may be vegan. Some may have a peanut allergy. Others may be lactose intolerant, etc. Make sure to find this information out well in advance of the event so that accommodations can be made.
  • Err on the side of having extras: Calculate how much food you will need to serve and then have more than that available. Extras can always be frozen or put into a doggy bag. However, running out of food at a huge corporate event or any other kind of catering situation is unforgivable.
  • Take advantage of technology: Use mobile devices to keep in contact with your managers and with wait staff. Our hospitality software can help you save time and effort as it can be useful for small and large affairs. It can help with budgeting, inventory control, personnel management,
  • Anticipate the unexpected: Naturally, your goal is to make each affair come off without a problem. However, anything can happen when catering large events such as bad weather, a food shortage, absentee employees, etc. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Ensure you have extra servings of food, extra cutlery, alternate staff, a serving plan for bad weather, etc.

Again, our software can take the drudgery out of planning large scale catered events. It can help you make the transition from a modest mom and pop operation to one that is ready to serve at large, high-scale events.