Starting in the third quarter of 2022 we began to shift new clients to Blazor for all their needs. Meaning, any work they would be doing such as creating recipes, beverage items, equipment items, packages, customers, and of course events would all be completed in Blazor. This would also include the less-used functions for setting up financial management, marketing tools, and other application settings.

And, we started to roll out production-related features to existing clients asking them to give Blazor a blessing and provide feedback. For example, custom windows like Food Production, Equipment Packing, Equipment Returns, Truck Routing, and Dispatching are all stress tested. In some cases, we’ve made significant changes to improve the web-based version of Fusion.

Cloud Storage

Over the years as we transitioned to the cloud we began to utilize cloud storage versus local server storage which ultimately proved to be very useful. For Blazor, we implemented an incredibly useful interface for accessing the Azure Storage for Public and Confidential files as well as OneDrive and SharePoint.


Emailing is of course the lifeblood of our world with Fusion, sending PDFs to clients for Proposals, Contracts, and Invoicing. Since Blazor will be run on just about every type of computer and operating system we have implemented emailing for just about every source you might be using.

You will still have the same substitution functionality that we’ve offered in Fusion.

Your Website

Want to embed Blazor into your WordPress site — you can! This is a very exciting feature because we are going to be extending the Inventory Pages so they will look at your website on your website as well as Customer access, our Payment Portal.

Fusion Mobility Roadmap

Roadmap for our Fusion Mobility apps. They are currently cross-platform working on both Android and iOS products. They will undergo a new update in the near future using MAUI tools which will extend them to the web as well.

UI/UX Tweaks

We have continued to improve the User Experience in Blazor and tweaked the main navigation menu to offer an expanded view thus reducing clicks. As well as focusing on the CSS with the objective of making the app more “Responsive” which means your desktop, tablet or iPhone.

Navigation Locks

Ever click back on your browser button and lose your work on a website? We’ve spent the past month implementing Navigation Locks to prevent you from making that mistake.

Streamlining Code

We have streamlined our code by removing a few 3rd Party Vendors. This is a good choice in the long run as it allows for more controlled updates, unfortunately, it’s expensive and time-consuming for us to circle back and replace these components.


Blazor offers Role Based Security similar to what we offered in Fusion. We won’t necessarily be nearly as granular as we had been in Fusion, we just didn’t see it being implemented too often. Where necessary, we will extend some additional security.